Secondary Education

The school provides a full six year cycle to Leaving Certificate. Three years lead to the Junior Certificate and a three year programme, including a Transition Year, to Leaving Certificate. Students normally complete the full programme.

Junior Certificate

The curriculum we provide at Junior Certificate level includes the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Irish, History, Geography, Science, French or German, Civic Social and Political Education, Religious Education, Physical Education and Music Appreciation. These subjects are studied by all students. Students have a choice of optional subjects – Art, Business Studies, Technical Graphics, Materials Technology (Wood) and Materials & Technology (Metal). Special tuition is provided for students with learning difficulties.

Transition Year

Our Transition Year programme provides a valuable experience for Fourth Year students to experience at first hand many facets of a working adult life while still continuing with their academic studies. A period of Work Placement is an integral part of the year’s programme.

The programme combines year long studies in English, Mathematics, Irish, Computer Applications, Modern European Languages with shorter introductory studies of most Leaving Certificate subjects. The year also includes work in communication skills, enterprise education including mini-companies and a period of community service which exposes students to the needs of others in society. Click HERE for a detailed description of the current Fourth Year Curriculum.

Leaving Certificate

Our Leaving Certificate curriculum includes the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Irish, all of which can be taken at Higher Level for Leaving Cert and the non-exam subjects Religious Education, Physical Education and Computers, which are studied by all students.

We offer a wide choice of optional subjects to our Leaving Certificate students: Accounting, Applied Maths, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Economics, Engineering, French, German, Geography, History, Physics and Technical Drawing.

As an extra to the regular Leaving Cert subjects many of our students do the Link Modules of the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme, consisting of Enterprise Education and Preparation for Working Life, detailed below.

The academic achievements of students at Douglas are seen in the winning of first place in the Leaving Certificate in Ireland and in Cork in Accounting, Mathematics and Geography in the past few years.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

We provide the valuable learning modules of this programme for our Leaving Certificate students who meet the Department of Education qualifying criteria. The modules teach students valuable skills such as job-finding, interviews, computer skills, enterprise education, report writing and other career related skills. Assessment is based on project work (60%) and written exam (40%). Points are awarded for Institute of Technology entry as follows: Distinction 70 points, Merit 50 points and Pass 30 points (the universities allow 50, 40 and 30 points respectively).