With The Grace of ‘Devine’ God!


DCS senior hurling team gears up for county final.

By Kieran Pyke – Transition Year Sports Correspondent (Hurling)

Douglas Community School saw off neighbours Deerpark in the recent senior hurling semi-final and this superb success has provided a huge morale and mental boost to the squad.

Like many team members, Ciarán Devine got his hurling year off to a terrific start, getting a goal out of 4-18, increasing Douglas’ win to 22 points in the semi-final.

Douglas’ hurlers are well aware that at this stage in the competition, a good opponent will have no mercy. They must take into consideration their competitors; The North Monastery, who will not be willing to share victory, and by no means let DCS take it easily. Fifteen heads of determination, confidence and skill are required to succeed in the fastest game on grass.

Bearing that in mind, Douglas’ senior hurling team are sensational. DCS stole 79% of the scores of the whole semi-final. Over 50% of the game’s scores came from DCS top scorer, Daniel Savage. This means that the Douglas top scorer alone scored twice as much as the entire Deerpark team!
With the grace of Devine God, the match will go Douglas’ way. Come on DCS!