DCS Senior Hurlers Put Up A Good Fight


By Kieran Pyke – Transition Year Sports Correspondent (Hurling)

DCS Senior Hurlers

DCS senior hurlers met their match in a recent clash with Mitchelstown in the Munster Championship. The loss came as a result of a valiant effort made by the Douglas side, coming up against a very well-trained team.

The first strike of the game showed the experienced Douglas team that this contest would be a tough one. In the opening few minutes, Mitchelstown had blasted ahead with a goal and a point to no score.

Mitchelstown continued to batter the Douglas defence, knocking four more points over the bar. Douglas’ goalkeeper was put to the test at an early stage, preventing a close range rocket from rippling the net.

It wasn’t until the sliotar hit the Douglas post, and a superb long range clearance was made, that full forward Jimmy Bourke burst into the box and blazed the ball beyond the Mitchelstown keeper. Douglas continued their courageous comeback and prevented Mitchelstown from scoring for ten whole minutes, while knocking over an extra two points.

At half time the score was 1-7 to 1-3 to Mitchelstown. A four point difference; all to play for. Douglas started the second half as Mitchelstown had started the first, and took little time to tear through the Mitchelstown defence and boosted their score by another few points.

However, when a long ball flew into the Douglas box, it wasn’t long before Mitchelstown bounced back with a well taken goal from a skilful right half-back. Only a short while later, Daniel Savage showed his skill when a free just outside the box provided him with the opportunity to send a powerful strike against the crossbar and into the Mitchelstown goal.

It was clear that a complete revival would be difficult, but Douglas would not go down without a fight. The battle was fierce, but not once were DCS put down. For every point conceded, Douglas threw an honourable effort back at the opponent.

The breaking point came when Mitchelstown earned four consecutive long range points, and had a fluke goal fly over the ‘keeper from the twenty-two metre line, adding even more to an ever-increasing lead.

Final score: Mitchelstown 3-11, Douglas Community School 2-6