Wellbeing Portfolio Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan 2016-19

1. Introduction

This document records the outcomes of our last improvement plan, the findings of this self-evaluation, and our current improvement plan, including targets and the actions we will implement to meet the targets. 

1.1 Outcomes of our last improvement plan from 08/15 to 06/18

– The continued development of a Numeracy rich environment in DCS.

– An increase in the number of students using mental arithmetic daily in cross curricular settings.

– An increase in student engagement and learning in Maths

1.2 The focus of this evaluation

We undertook self-evaluation of teaching and learning during the period 08/16 to 06/17. We evaluated the following aspect(s) of teaching and learning:

– The introduction of Well Being as an area of teaching and learning based on the Framework for Junior Cycle (2015).

– To examine ways to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of our students

2. Findings

2.1 This is effective / very effective practice in our school 

– The main strengths of the school are the quality of teaching and learning, the willingness of the staff to embrace and share good practice in a collaborative manner, the rapport between students and staff and the whole-school commitment to student wellbeing and student welfare.

2.2. This is how we know

– During October/November 2016 a comprehensive Attitudinal and Dispositional Survey focusing on student wellbeing was conducted with all Yr1 and Yr3 students.

2.3 This is what we are going to focus on to improve our practice further

– We are going to focus on the development of a personal portfolio of achievement and positive reflections.Initially we will focus on a Yr1 group before expanding to develop an eportfolio in Transition Year.

–  We will develop our students use of portfolios to enhance their sense of resilience and self belief.

3. Our improvement plan

On the next page we have recorded:

  • The targets for improvement we have set
  • The actions we will implement to achieve these
  • Who is responsible for implementing, monitoring and reviewing our improvement plan
  • How we will measure progress and check outcomes (criteria for success)

As we implement our improvement plan we will record:

  • The progress made, and adjustments made, and when
  • Achievement of targets (original and modified), and when

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