Pastoral Care

Douglas Community School is committed to the ongoing development of the Pastoral Care of all students in the school. Pastoral Care integrates the academic, social, personal and religious dimensions of the school’s educational endeavours.
Pastoral Care helps to provide an orderly atmosphere and firm framework which will allow the students to get maximum benefit from their schooling and prepare them realistically for life as adults. It is the caring response of the members of the school community towards each other.

It seeks to:

– help pupils with decision making

– prepare them for educational choices

– enhance their personal lives.

– encourage respect for person and property

– support the- subject teacher

We plan for this caring approach by assigning a class teacher to each class group and a year tutor to each year group.

The Class Teacher develops a special relationship with the class so that the class respects him or her as someone with whom they may discuss difficulties or problems and who exercises authority in a fair and just manner. He/she will monitor the educational progress of each student and motivate the class to achieve the highest possible standard and maintain contact with parents on these matters.

The Year Tutor provides the administrative support necessary to ensure that the pastoral care structure functions effectively. He/she co-ordinates the caring structure by meeting subject and class teachers regularly to discuss and evaluate the students development. He/she meets individual students and classes regularly and encourages a high standard of work and behaviour. He/She conducts regular assemblies of the year
group. He/She maintains contact with parents.

The Principal and Deputy-PrincipalĀ give witness to our Pastoral Care structure by supporting students and staff in developing the school community. Our school ethos firmly recognises the importance of the student’s self esteem and dignity and the impact of this on their development. We place great emphasis on encouraging all of our community to express care and concern for both self and other persons.

The students also benefit from the specialist skills of Guidance Counsellors, a Chaplain and Learning Support Teachers:

The Guidance Counsellors provide for the needs of the students under three integrated areas of activity:

  • personal/social guidance and counselling
  • educational guidance and counselling
  • career guidance and counselling

Learning Support Teachers liaise closely with primary schools and with colleagues, especially those with responsibility for junior cycle classes. They assist students with learning difficulties and plan a strategy that allows the less able student to reach his full potential.

The School Chaplain fosters the development of the Christian community and spiritual life of the school. The Chaplain supports the pastoral care structures of the school by assisting students through difficulties. The Chaplain also acts as an advocate for students in disciplinary matters.

The Pastoral Care Team consists of the Year Tutors, Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain and Learning Support Teachers with the Deputy Principal and Principal.

The Pastoral Care TeamĀ meets regularly to identify students having difficulty in coping with school life, to review the ongoing needs of students and to plan future work.