iPad Usage Policy

Users Responsibilities

– iPads are solely for use as an educational tool and are not for personal use.
– Only Apps for educational purposes are to be installed
– Do not plug your iPad into your computer either at home or in school,
– Do not sync/link iPad up to a personal Itunes account,
– Report any issues and/or interference created by any other students because of iPad possession.
– Memory space is limited so please do not load/save personal content, i.e. music, videos or pictures, onto the iPad.
– Do not change IPad passcode. (Consult ICT technician if needed)
– Use only the Douglas Community School (@dcscork.ie) email account on the iPad, do not add any other email account.
– iPads are not to leave the country
– The AC adapter and cable are your responsibility, please care for it and store responsibly.
– The provided protective survivor cover/case for the iPad must be in use at ALL times, please do NOT remove.
– The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and breaking if misused: Never drop or place heavy objects (books, laptops, etc…) on top of the iPad.
– Do not subject the iPad to extreme heat or cold.
– Do not store or leave unattended in vehicles or Class Rooms.
– Users may not photograph any other person, without their consent.
– The iPad is subject to routine monitoring by Douglas Community School.
– Douglas Community School is not responsible for the financial or other loss of any personal files that may be deleted from an iPad.
– iPads must be returned to the school during the Xmas and Summer holidays
– It is a user’s responsibility to keep their iPad safe and secure. The user must know where the iPad is at all times.
-iPads must be returned to the school when student is leaving.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen iPad

– Students must report any damage or loss to either their Year Head, the Principal and/or Deputy Principal, who will determine necessary action. iPads are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. If an iPad is lost or damaged by neglect or misuse it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the iPad. If an iPad is damaged, the school will work with the student and supplier to resolve any warranty issues.
– iPads that are believed to be stolen can be tracked through iCloud.

Prohibited Uses (not exclusive):

– Accessing Inappropriate Materials – All material on the iPad must adhere to the ICT Responsible Use Policy. Users are not allowed to send, access, upload, download or distribute offensive, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials.
– Illegal Activities – Use of the school’s internet/e-mail accounts for financial or commercial gain or for any illegal activity.
– Cameras – May only be used with the permission from and under direction of a supervising teacher. Any use of a camera in toilets or changing rooms, regardless of intent, will be treated as a serious violation.
– Posting of images/movies on the Internet into a public forum is strictly forbidden, without the expressed permission of the Teacher or in the case of staff use; the School Principal.
– Jailbreaking – Jailbreaking is the process of which removes any limitations placed on the iPad by Apple. Jailbreaking results in a less secure device and is strictly prohibited.
– Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of the iPad Acceptable Use Policy.