Wellbeing Portfolio Summary Self-Evaluation Report And School Improvement Plan 2016-19

In the last year, we have looked at teaching and learning in our school to find out what we are doing well. This is what we discovered:

The main strengths of the school are the quality of teaching and learning, the willingness of the staff to embrace and share good practice in a collaborative manner, the rapport between students and staff and the whole-school commitment to student wellbeing and student welfare.

This is what we did to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better: –
During October/November 2016 a comprehensive Attitudinal and Dispositional Survey focusing on student wellbeing was conducted with all Yr1 and Yr3 students.

This is what we are now going to work on:
– We are going to focus on the development of a personal portfolio of achievement and positive reflections.
Initially we will focus on a Yr1 group before expanding to develop an ePortfolio in Transition Year.
– We will develop our students use of portfolios to enhance their sense of resilience and self belief.

This is what you can do to help:
Take an active interest in your son’s Portfolio of Achievement and Reflection. Discuss with him the items he may include.
Discuss why he has chosen this evidence helping him to reflect upon his abilities and achievements.
Overall, by showing an interest and commitment to the portfolio your son will enhance his sense of self worth leading to a benefit to his wellbeing.

Here is some information about how we are carrying out our work and about what the Department of Education and Skills requires us to do.

School time and holidays

The Department requires all post-primary schools to have 167 school days each year, and a 28-hour school week.

This year we had 167 school days, from August 2016 to June 2017. Our school week is 28 hours.

The Department sets out a standardised school year and school holidays.

This year we took all our school holidays within the permitted time.  YES

The Department sets out arrangements for parent/teacher meetings and staff meetings. This year we had 6 parent/teacher meetings and 3 staff meetings, all in line with the Department’s regulations.

Looking after the children in our school

Our board of management has agreed in writing to do this. YES 
All teachers know about the Procedures and we have told all parents about them and how we follow them. YES

Our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is _Mr Jim Long. and our Deputy DLP is Mr Chris Hickey.

Enrolment and attendance

The Department requires schools to have and publish an admissions policy, to record and report attendance accurately, and to encourage high attendance and participation.

We have an admissions policy and it is published. YES 
We reviewed (and updated) our admissions policy on 09/01/18
We keep accurate attendance records and report them as required. YES 

We encourage high attendance in the following ways: Participate in School Attendance Awards.

This is how you can help:  Ensure your sons attend daily and are always punctual.

Positive behaviour for a happy school

The Department requires schools to have a code of behaviour, and asks us to consult parents and students about it. We do this YES  
Our code of behaviour describes and supports positive behaviour. YES 
 We have a very clear and high-profile anti-bullying policy in our school. YES