Conduct of Candidates during Examinations Policy

Adopted by Board of Management 4/4/2017

Conduct of Candidates during Examinations Policy


The purpose of this policy is to assist students to develop their full potential by using the examinations process for maximum benefit.


It is each candidate’s own responsibility to note carefully the days and hours, as fixed on the timetable, of his examinations.


A student must be present, in the exam centre 10 minutes prior to the exam commencing. No student will be permitted to enter the examination centre after the exam has begun.

Leaving the Centre

A candidate may not be permitted to leave the centre and return during the examination period unless the Supervisor is satisfied that the candidates need to leave the centre is genuine (e.g. because of illness). No candidate may be authorised to leave the examination centre until the examination is finished.


A candidate must sit in the seat assigned to him, unless directed to move by the Supervisor.

To Gain Supervisor’s Attention

A candidate should raise his hand if he wishes to attract the attention of the supervisor during the examination.

Mobile Phone

A candidate shall not bring a mobile phone into the examination centre, or have it in his possession or within reach. If a student is found to be using a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated by the supervisor.


It is the candidate’s responsibility to have all necessary material with them for the exam. (E.g. calculator, maths set etc.) . A student is not permitted to ask a fellow student for materials during the exam. Calculators may not be borrowed during the examination.


A candidate is not permitted to:
Communicate or distract another student during the examination. Be continuously looking around the room in a distracting manner.Damage furniture, eat food or swing on chairs during the exam.

Sanctions for misbehaviour

 (a) If misbehaviour occurs it will be noted during the examination and detention will be given.

 (b) If the student continues to misbehave, he may be requested to leave the exam and re-sit the exam at an alternative time of the school’s choice.