Web Design at DCS


A group of 20 Transition Year students have just started a module in Web Design in the school. Run by four past pupils who are currently in University College Cork; the Douglas Community School students are learning how to write HTML code. They will each design their own webpage with pictures, links, music and videos. Watch this space, as we hope to post the best ones here! They will also have the opportunity to visit UCC to use the computer labs there, and to show their webpages to the head of the computer studies department.

The past pupils of Douglas Community School who are running these classes are Eoin Coakley, Niall Browne, Aaron Sammon and Conor Hodnett, who are all thoroughly enjoying their return to their alma mater. They feel that they would have greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in a class like this when they were in Transition Year, and hope that the module may spark an interest in programming for some of the students involved. They hope to see some of our present Transition Years studying Business Information Systems (BIS) or Computer Science in UCC in the years to come!

For those interested in web design, a very useful website is: www.w3schools.com.

C Ó Conaill