Science Video Whiz Kids at DCS!


Congratulations to Robert Froggatt, David Hurley and Ethan Grehan from ND2 who have been selected to represent the school in the Bayer/Irish Heart Foundation “Pumped” completion. They created an animated video called “Smoking Stinks”, outlining the perils of smoking in a humorous and engaging way!

Pumped is a fantastic competition for pupils in secondary schools that lets them showcase their creative movie-making skills, while also showing their expertise on health related topics. All students in ND2 produced work for Pumped, in keeping with the school’s policy of embracing new technologies and opportunities for cross-curricular learning. And apart from having great fun with their entries, they could also win a prize of €5,000 for the school’s science budget!

Also included below is “Fats and Sugars: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, a stop-motion video by Aaron Doyle, James Cuthbert, and David O’Donoghue – another outstanding video produced by ND2 students!

Cian O Mahony