Robin Hood – Transition Year Show


This year’s Transition Year musical, Robin Hood, was a roaring success. It ran from December 1 to 3, despite the difficult Arctic weather, with the Transition Years putting on two shows a day. They not only survived this gruelling schedule, but managed to improve with each performance, right up to the last night. The morning shows, performed for invited primary schools, were very enthusiastically received, with the children who braved the slippery conditions really getting into the “oh-yes-you-are”, “oh-no-you’re-not” of the show. In the evenings, the students revelled in performing in front of their peers, parents, and siblings, who were, if anything, even more enthusiastic and vocal than the 11-year-olds.

There were many great performances – from Emmett Moynihan, who played the Dame with great verve and panache, to the dashing yet evil Sheriff of Rottingham (Jimmy Bourke), to the cartwheeling Robin Hood (Billy Murphy), and our visiting guest star, the Sheriff’s American cousin Lois (Nick Brown, in DCS for a term from Denver, Colorado). However, the play would not have been possible without the input of the whole year – all of those who acted, from One Direction to the Indians who got taken away, ably directed by Mr Wolfe (who also wrote the show) and Ms Moriarty; all of those who danced, under the supervision of Ms O Callaghan, who was herself assisted by Ms Mackey and Ms Sherwin; all of those who sang and played music, guided by Mr O Conaill; and those who worked behind the scenes, under the watchful eye of Mr Fahy. The photos here attests to the sheer number of students involved, the range of their different parts and talents, and their enthusiasm for the craziness that makes up, each year, the DCS school show. Special thanks should also go to those teachers who helped out on each of the nights, making sure that the show was as efficient as it was uproarious.

After Christmas, students from local primary schools will come to Douglas Community School to take part in drama workshops with our Transition Years students. As ever, we expect these to be great fun for all involved, and a great learning experience for the Transition Year students, who will go from taking direction themselves to giving directions to the primary school students!

Ciaran O Conaill