Purple Comet Maths Contest takes Flight at DCS


This year for the first time DCS students entered the Purple Comet Maths Contest, a very challenging international maths competition that is entered online by students in countries all around the world. Students work together in teams of up to six to solve the puzzles. Students found the time constraints very tight in this year’s competition, in particular at senior level.

We had two teams taking part at junior level: Emmet Et Al featured Emmet O’Sullivan, James Connolly, Maciej Kijanko, Mark Falvey and Conor Powell, all of Second Year. They came 79th out of over 300 teams in their category, scoring in the top 25%. Smithy & Co featured the eponymous David Smith, along with Paul Wood, Kyle Twomey, James Burns, and Alan Morgan, also all of Second Year. They placed 132nd in the same category, just inside the top third.

We had one team competing at senior level, composed of Stephen O’Sullivan, Shane O’Sullivan, Oisin Dwane, and Shahrukh Nawaz, all of Fifth Year, along with Pawel Kulicki, of Fourth Year. They came just inside the top third, ranking 190th out of over 600 teams in their section.

Congratulations to all the lads, who had a very enjoyable, if highly pressurised, experience!

Ciarán Ó Conaill