Pi Day in DCS


unnamed3.14 is (roughly) pi, so March 14 is Pi Day!  Pictured above are Reece PerryJack O’Driscoll and Rory Kennedy, all second years in Douglas Community School, celebrating this day dedicated to the irrational number.  In their mathematics class they divided the volume of each pie into their own mouths and those of their friends.  They said that their teacher exacted a pi tax on each of them and indeed he admits to having eaten no more than 1/pi of each pie.  Jack brought in a Victoria Sponge, but we ate it anyway.  A special mention must be made of Conor Horgan, whose mother cooked an apple pie specially for the day.  Below, you can see Conor (bottom left) with his classmates enjoy the pie.  Also in the photograph are Matthew BowenEric Hyland (pie provider), Paul JohnsonDeclan O’Mahony (cake provider) and Ted Jackson.

Pi Day 2014 2


Ger O’Connell