New Equipment for DCS Science Laboratories


Douglas Community School has been a leader in the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics for decades.   Recent close collaboration between the two departments has led to new innovations in the teaching of graphing, data collection and presentation in the two subjects.  This includes the purchase of interactive whiteboards for the Science laboratories and Maths classrooms and the development of  a range of interactive and digital resources for  the students’ benefit.  Science and Maths teachers now have their own websites (click here) packed with these resources which are being accessed by students both in school time and as part of their home study.

The Biology Department has just received a brand new class set of top of the range microscopes which will be used in both Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate classes for mandatory experiments and other investigations which the boys conduct, often in their own time.   Another innovation in the area of Maths and Science has been the purchase and use of a full class set of  datalogging equipment.  Dataloggers are handheld computers which are able to measure a large variety of variables such as temperature, acid levels,sound, voltage, pressure and force.  The collected data is used by the boys in the classroom to bring to life such topics as statistics, co-ordinate geometry and basic arithmetic.  With such developments the marriage of Science and Mathematics in Douglas Community School is indeed a very happy one.

Well done to the staff and students in the Science and Maths departments as such cross-curricular collaboration and investigation is the bedrock of the new Project Maths programme and the future economic upturn of our country.  Indeed, it is great to see continued investment in these areas by the school for the boys, even in such straitened times.

Cian O’Mahony