Loud, Childlike and Very Funny! Anti-Litter Talk at DCS


“The invisible man” cries out about litter

By Kieran Pyke and Conor Kennedy (Transition Year)

On Friday the 19th of October the first years of Douglas Community School were treated to an anti-litter workshop in the school library. The aim of the workshop was to explain the problem of litter in a funny way, and it definitely succeeded!

The workshop told the story of Gary-Larry, a “typical teenager” who, despite having been standing next to a bin, spat a piece of gum on the street. The show was “littered” with small sketches that combined humour with a very important anti-litter message.

The show was incredibly well received, with the students hanging on every word. Most impressive was the interactive nature of the workshop, with the two presenters encouraging our students to shout, scream and act out scenes on the anti-litter theme.