LEGO Robotics – Second Years


Another brilliant showing by the second year Robotics Club members as they fought their way through to the last 8 of the Robotics competition held at Devere Hall UCC.

It was a long and intense competition from 4pm to 10pm on Thursday 7th Feb. The team have been working on a maze puzzle set by the competition organizers since September. They had to build a robot from Lego, learn to program with a special language and then test and retest and rebuild until it could both complete the maze and return. They also constructed a beacon that was set off by a robot sensor.

The team were incredibly dedicated, working lunchtimes and 4 evenings a week since Christmas to conquer the maze. We were even able to practice on a replica maze made by Mr. Fahy – you can see a video of the lads’ robot navigating the maze below.

Alas, the final four just alluded us as we finished fifth, just 2 seconds off the top four not bad out of more than 30 schools from the whole of Munster and even programming clubs.

The great team were Tom Janulevicius, Kristof Wroblewski, Shane Crean, Daragh Feehely and Sean O Donovan.