Lego – not just a toy in Douglas Community School!


Douglas Community school is an all boys post primary school which caters for over 600 daytime pupils. The school also has a very extensive Adult and Community Education Programme with over 80 courses to choose from.

Douglas Community School is a firm believer in taking science beyond the classroom. Verified by its record participation in the Young scientist competition and the SEI Robotics competition.

Second year students, Stephen lane, Bryan O’Sullivan, Jack Newton, Cian Mangan and Team Substitute Scott O’Sullivan are participating in this years 06/07 Lego Mindstorms competition. The school received a new Lego Mindstorms NXT kit and their own practice arena. The challenge is to create a robot capable of picking up objects and dropping them off in the centre of an arena. Not as easy as it sounds when you consider that the boys must programme the robot in advance to make these complex movements.

However the boys are not alone and have been mentored in the initial stages by Dr. Liam Marnane of the Department of electrical and electronic engineering in UCC and their teachers Miss Catriona Barrett and Brian Mac Aodh. Initiatives such as this which foster enthusiasm and interest in the area of science are vital at a time where numbers pursuing science subjects to leaving cert are falling. It seems that the rewards of such projects will be a greater uptake in the field of Science and Technology as the guys agree that they would all consider a related career as a direct result of their learning’s in this project.

young scientists lego team