Great Win for DCS Cricketers against Bandon


By TY Cricket Correspondent

The DCS cricket team were victorious in a well-contested match versus Bandon Grammar at Cork Harlequins.

Bandon choose to bat first but were limited early on due to excellent bowling by DCS captain Akhil Chellapuri and Shahrukh Nawaz, who both took great wickets. Bandon’s middle order improved the run rate with some boundaries. Emmanuel Oladunjoye and Sheharyar Nawaz both secured their first wickets for the school team. Excellent catches from Conor Birkett and Yuvaraj Khatri were highlights of the innings. Bandon finished 66-5.

DCS opened the batting with Kieran Pyke and Daniel Herlihy. However, DCS lost 3 wickets in the first 2 overs. Shahrukh Nawaz and Akhil Chellapuri stepped in to steady the ship with some solid play. The winning runs were scored by Ahmed Chakari. Coach Neil Bronks was delighted with the overall team performance.

A special mention must go to 3rd year Kyle Twomey who did a superb job umpiring the game.