Fianna Fáil leader shows the Dáil to DCS students


By Kieran Pyke – Transition Year Correspondent

Fianna Fáil leader and local TD Micheál Martin gave a DCS third year CSPE class a great opportunity to go on a detailed tour of Dáil Éireann, the Irish house of parliament. It came as the result of the successful visit Mr Martin made to the school a few weeks ago.
The visit made by the students completed their action project which is compulsory for the Junior Certificate course in CSPE. The class will describe the project in a write-up and this will be marked for the exam.

The students began the day with a visit to the nearby Dublinia museum. The museum focused on Ireland in medieval times and contained many hands on items which were easy to understand. The time and effort put into making each set as realistic as possible was incredible.

The students arrived at the house of parliament early, and so had plenty of time to check out The State Heraldic Museum a few steps away from the Dáil. The museum was very extensive and contained many different artefacts from the most decorative stones to the strongest ancient weapons.

The tour itself began with Mr Martin leading us to the Dáil chamber. He explained where the various parties sat, how TDs vote and how votes are counted, and compared these methods to the ways that were used in the past.

A guide continued the tour, giving the class a unique look of the Dáil, showing them various corridors and balconies each with an interesting story behind them.

The students then saw the Seanad, and the exquisite designs on the ceiling that is rarely ever seen.

The guide stopped at some of the many portraits hung up around the house, and told the group about that person in Irish History, for example Countess Markiewicz and her role as the only female leader involved in the rebellion.

The day was greatly enjoyed by everyone, and the memory of this educational and unique experience will be long lived.