Douglas Community School’s Transition Year Students present:


Dead Famous

By Aaron Wolfe

Dead Famous is a notoriously funny production featuring the comical stylings of Douglas Community School’s fine educational officers whose simple quirks and habits are cleverly exaggerated thanks to the fine direction of our own playwright/director/producer Mr. Aaron Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe has accredited himself as an abled organiser with past comedy productions including his own “Anything but the sound of Music” and his unique interpretation of the renowned “H.M.S Pinafore.” This year Mr. Wolfe has gone to infinity and beyond in the most bold and daring way imaginable, he puts his co-workers on stage with no regard to their self-esteem. Mr. Wolfe brings to his audience an experience that shall never be forgotten (least by the students of Douglas Community School).

Dead Famous is essentially a play within a play, a gaggle of unlikely producers are set to put on a play of love and hard-ship but the penetrating voice of Mr. Morgan the owner of DCS theatre company and his Deputy owner Mr. Short make known their dislike for such squabble and insist on a change of show. After much deliberation, this leads the plays producers to create and showcase their own production, illustrating the 1916 Easter Rising.

From the very first day of auditions the play is set down a dark path, Spencer Maine a world renowned actor/singer/dancer is cast as the main part of Michael Collins. Spencer believes that this shall be his final performance as a professional actor therefore wishes to leave behind a legacy of just not his performing talents but his playwright abilities too. He therefore decides to steal the script of the show and claim it as his own. This is met with uproar from the producers claiming that he is a thief, but Mr. Morgan is disinclined to take their word for it as they have no direct proof which states that they play is theirs.

Throughout the play Spencer ravels in the fame and fortune that comes with writing a supposed master piece, whilst the true writers are seething at the fact that he could get away with it. All looks set to go according to Spencer’s plan when a supposedly freak accident which almost ends with the death of a leading role, resulting in his envy stricken, under-talented under study taking his part in the play.

The producer’s are astounded that the culprit got away Scott free, with the police merely marking it up as a work related accident. This gives several of the producers an innovation.

As their envy and hatred for Spencer grows with his fame and they become tired of his arrogance they decide that the only way to take back what was theirs was to remove the reason why they lost it in the first place. Unknown to several of the producers, these few begin to devise a plot that will guarantee that Spencer will receive exactly what he wants most of all, and that is to leave the world of show business with a big bang.

The play runs for three nights, Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th. Tickets are available from the school office.