Digging with Duggan, Bulbing with Buckley!


By Aaron Duggan and James Buckley (Transition Year)

On the 26th of September the horticulture class started their first experiment with plants.

The class learned that mixing sand and compost makes it easier for roots to spread.

The class also learned that plants can be made from other plants by crossing the stamen with others.

We also discovered how to duplicate a plant and that’s exactly what we did!

We started off by cutting the plants about halfway and taking off some of the leaves. We scraped our thumbnail off the end of the plant to get rid of the bark; this makes it easier to spread the roots.

When everyone was finished planting, we gathered all the plants and watered them. Afterwards we covered all the pots with a transparent plastic bag and sat them by the window.

They must be watered every couple of days (by Aaron Duggan and Stephen Murphy) for a number of weeks.