DCS’s Satellite-In-A-Can!


The robotics team will not rest on the achievements of another very good year! We got to the final of both 4th and 2nd year competitions, and also started a 1st Year Club. This year also saw the introduction of Mr. Buckley as the new 2nd year robotics coordinator.

Now we are taking part in a new competition for us: CanSat is a world competition to put a satellite in a can-sized container that can be shot into the sky and detect temperature and pressure. (There is a secondary project we have to come up with as well). Our present idea is to use an electric guitar pickup to sense the movement or spin of the can by detecting the earth’s magnetic field and its dip angle, and the team is led by Transition Year students David Barrett and James Hodkinson.

The Irish final will take place on 16th March at the lifetime lab in Cork. The current plan is that teams will use balloons filled with helium to raise the CanSats (individually) to the height of the tower at Lifetime. The CanSats will measure temperature & atmospheric pressure and transmit the data to the ground station (laptop). The teams will then use the pressure data to measure the height of the tower.

After the data is collected, the CanSat teams will be given some time to analyse the data, and prepare a presentation of their CanSat work including interpretation of their data.

Best of luck to our budding satelliteers!