DCS Student Graphic Novel Story Published


On Friday 23 April 2010, during World Book Festival as part of Teen Day, the launch of the second Cork City Library Graphic Novel Project took place. After the overwhelming success of last year’s graphic novel “Red Shift” the library decided to support another project again in 2010. This project was led by John Sexton who facilitated the creative writing aspect, as well as Alan Barrett, graphic artist. The project was undertaken by fifteen secondary school students from Cork, seven supplying the writing for the graphic novel and eight who drew the pictures.

This year’s graphic novel, entitled “SYZYGY”, was undertaken by one of our own students, Nikesh Chopra of Fifth Year. He attended several workshops in the Cork City Library over the months of January and February and produced a story called “Twice At Once”, about a teenage epileptic girl who traverses through two parallel universes through her epileptic fits. Nikesh attended the launch in Cork City Library and was awarded with an award for his participation and was invited to a special master workshop with acclaimed graphic artist Marti Saiz the following day. According the Evening Echo reporter Kieran Dineen, his story was “thought-provoking.”

John O’Leary