DCS School Show 2012 A Runaway Success!


The Best One Yet!

A look back at the 10th annual DCS school show.

By Kieran Pyke – Transition Year Correspondent

From Robin Hood to the sheriff of Nottingham, Peter Pan to Captain Hook, and from the little mermaid to an evil German Chancellor, this year’s school play proved to be the best one yet!

This year marked 10 years of drama in DCS and, as such, combined many characters from the past, who joined together to stop an evil villain with a sly and sneaky plan!

In the land of all fairy tale creatures, the new Mayor, Sharon (Gavin McCarthy), with his deadly accomplices Angela Merkel (Luke Varian) and the IMF (Javed Bhayla and his cronies), plan to turn every fairy tale creature to stone.
However, Robin Hood played by Stephen Cotter was on hand to stop them. Ably assisted by our panto dame (Declan O’Herlihy), the not so Little Mermaid (Andrew Forde – with a spray tan) and Aaron Duggan as Peter Pan.

The show was full of humour, and packed with jokes, cheesy one-liners and hilarious outcomes, not to mention the mockeries made of various teachers, and occasional jokes about schools.

This year’s show had the biggest cast yet, with all 115 students involved. Some of the notable parts were: the ugly sisters from Douglas (Jonathan O’Connell & Eric Fahy), the transition year head, Mr Ó Cuanachain – as a dog (Bill Coakley), Jack Milne Dowd as the Scarecrow, the three little pigs (Bartek Trzeciak, Tomek Papieski, & Conor Kelly) and Nasser Alsufyan as himself . The show also included a special guest appearance from Long, James Long (James “the machine” Stout).

The students of fourth year showed off their dancing talents from line dancing to Irish dancing (notably Kieran Pyke), from hip-hop to Gangnam Style (well done to James Buckley for appearing topless!)

Singing was led by a one armed Daniel Herlihy through a hatch in the stage and a collection of ethnically themed hats.
As always the first years participated in Act One; this year singing and dancing to “under the sea” and “Candy”.
Of course, all this couldn’t have happened without DCS’s very own school band (Blaine Doyle, Daniel Chandley, Adam “Hotdog” Walsh, Cian Adams, Fionn Bracken and Kamil Roman).

Well done to everyone involved!