Robotics: Another Cup for DCS


Another cup at the National SAP Lego Robotics League Finals

Once again the very successful DCS Robotics team reached the final of the national competition in Galway.  A very early start on the Saturday morning saw Douglas Community School Fourth Years (and some Second Years) in the Radisson in Galway with hopes of reaching the European final in Germany.

The event is an international competition that starts in August with the problem being issued in the United States and Europe at the same time.  This year was based on table top tasks (a very big table!) for the robot, and a research project based around food safety.  Nearly 30 different tasks are set and you have to do as many as possible within the 2 minutes allowed.  We have been working on it since early September.  Many late nights and lunchtimes were spent, as well as teachers being very kind helping us complete the work.

For the presentation we created a website and looked at preserving food in the developing world.  The project opened and closed with a food safety rap of the semi-musical variety and contained our ideas on a PowerPoint for the judges to see our research.  The presentation was in a small room but the lads made it feel like an arena full of ideas.  The link to our web page is below.

The day of the competition is always a treat.  The compere is an English TV presenter and he keeps the whole thing fun.  There was lights and music, computers and laughter.  Some the colleges have stalls and there is a bit of food.  Our first event was the table robot.  Last year this was our downfall but this year things went better.  After the judges added up we felt it was a good start.  Then we had to answer questions on the team and its dynamics as well as our view on the value of the work.   Then we had a long chat with a technical team about the program and the build strengths.  As we waited for all this, the scores went up and we were in the lead after two rounds.  Even after three rounds we were third and into the semi-final.

Unfortunately we had a really bad run and missed a couple of the tasks by a centimetre and did not score the first round score even that would have got us into the final.  The lads were very philosophical and all said they had enjoyed the day.  The school should be really proud of them; they cheered not just for themselves but also for the Ursulines, Blackrock, Co. Cork, who came with just a couple of girls and were really grateful for the boost.  So we were third out of more than 40 teams who started out in the national competition and waited to see who had won.  Then a shock  – we got a special judges’ prize for the best participation on the day and the best teamwork and spirit.  There was even a cup made appropriately of yellow lego.  The lads were delighted and the trip home flew past.

All in all another great day for the school and praise all round for the lads’ attitude.  Everybody made a contribution; it was truly a team.  The team was Jordan Smith (Capt), Eoghan O’Brien, Pawel Kulicki, Matteo Campinote, Brian Creagh, Gavin Falvey, Fearghal Magner, Adam Dalton, Ciaran Devine, Leon Domoney, Daniel Mason, Brendan Couch, and Aaron Murphy.


Click here for the webpage that was created as part of our 2012 Robotics Competition. Our team created, developed and designed this page. It will provide information on various elements of food safety. We hope that you can learn about how to preserve and store foods. This website will also show our robots trip from lego to its glory. We hope you enjoy and learn a lot from us.