DCS Integrating IT and History – Using modern Technology to learn about the Past


D.C.S. and the use of I.T. in the classroom.

A History project was undertaken by the class of NU2 under the supervision of Mr. John O’Leary and Mr.David O’Leary. Each member of the class was given a specific part of the second year history course and were then asked to use an App of their choosing to put together a one to two minute presentation on their given topic. Through this process they are revising over history, improving their I.T skills as well as using (and becoming aware) of the variety of skills that they have: research, analytical, communication, enquiry, observational, problem solving, reflection, organisational and evaluation.

The students using these Apps would have followed on from the above named teachers making use of a wide variety of Apps in their history lessons this year. This was in an effort to facilitate the wide variety of different learning styles that we are now aware of in any given student body:

All presentation links have been uploaded to a Padlet and can be viewed:


The following Apps were used in the process:

Adobe spark video

Adobe spark page

Slideshow maker

Windows Movie maker

Explain Everything


Viva Video

Deck slideshow


This project was a huge success with the students putting in a great effort in packaging their presentations. It also highlights the potential of I.T. in the classroom and the positive role it can play in students education. It certainly is the way forward.