DCS CoderDojo



DCS CoderDojo, now an official branch of the Irish organisation CoderDojo, was extremely well received by students, with the first meeting taking place with only one week left before the Easter holidays. The club was given a great kick start, with an amazing 59 students joining in the first day. This was much more than expected, and the club filled two computer rooms, even spilling into a third!Picture8

The movement was initiated in DCS when CoderDojo mentor and DCS student David Hurley was recognised in the school as being the first ever CoderDojo member to earn a black belt.  Black is the highest rank in the worldwide organisation, currently spanning over 43 countries. This incredible achievement means that David currently outranks well over a thousand other young coders throughout the world. Picture9

CoderDojo was founded in 2011 by Irish-born computer whizz James Whelton and entrepreneur Bill Liao, after James noticed that certain young students showed an interest in learning how to code. By June of that year, the first CoderDojo was launched in Cork, and was immediately successful.Picture10

CoderDojo has one goal – to teach coding for free, in particular to young people. The coding movement is run by volunteers, and teaches a variety of different coding languages that are used to develop games and apps, create and enhance websites, and to utilise computers to their full potential.

At certain stages, each achievement is rewarded with a belt, a USB wristband of a certain colour, with each colour representing an achievement of a higher level, similar to any other martial art such as Taekwon-do or Karate. White and yellow belts are distributed to those who have endeavoured in basic to moderate web design, where the blue belt is rewarded to those who have mentored a language to other people in CoderDojo