Computational Thinking Challenge


Congratulations to Oisin Dwane and Shane O Sullivan of 6th year, who came joint first in the Computational Thinking Challenge run by NUI Maynooth.

Students were challenged to find the shortest route that connects any 40 of a given 80 towns in Ireland – but they had to change county after each step. Students could use an interactive map at this website to plot out their different routes, and find the length of each.

Shane and Oisin identified the shortest route, along with 6 other students from around the country. Unfortunately, other students had submitted their solutions before Shane and Oisin, so they narrowly missed out on the grand prize.

Interestingly, there is no known way of telling if their route is actually the shortest one – it was simply the shortest one submitted by students. There are more possible routes than there are particles in the known universe, so it would take too long to check them all!

Prizes will be presented on NUI Maynooth University Day, Saturday 27th April. Congratulations to our two computational thinkers!