Chess Club at DCS


Two dozen students have been battling against each other since September for a place on the Douglas Community School chess team! Right now, the top ten chess players in Douglas Community School are, in order:

1. Patryk Hajdul NR2
2. Maykel Mendiola NE3
3. Pawel Kulicki 5th year
4. Conor Powell NP3
5. Conor Butler NO1
6. William Murphy NA3
7. Tommaso Andreoli 4th year
8. Kasparas Skruibas NO1
9. Eoin Ussher NO1
10. Conor Kennedy 4th year

The school chess team will be the top four players available for each match. Since third years and sixth years will have their pre-state examinations soon, they will not be available to play, giving an opportunity to players further down the table.

Upcoming fixtures include chess league matches against Clonakilty Community College, and Christian Brothers School, Patrick’s Hill, Cork.