Cake on a Stick!


The sweet success of the DCS Mini-company 2012
By Kieran Pyke – Transition year correspondent

Certainly the most profitable project from the transition year’s Mini-company programme this school year comes from the “Cake on a Stick” company, with its simple, yet revolutionary, mix between a lollipop and a Madeira cake.

The cake itself, the source of this super success, consists mainly of a Madeira shaped ball, coated in smooth milk chocolate dusted with delicious flakes of orange chocolate. But it gets better… there was also a limited edition chocolate cake version.

The money-making potential in this idea was demonstrated the first time the cakes were sold, with stocks selling out like hot cakes (on sticks).

This sensational sell-out got the team of young entrepreneurs very excited, and more than doubled the order for the next week, 150 cakes, all of which were gone within ten minutes of opening.

However, it wasn’t just the students who adored the “Cake on a Stick”; many teachers also enjoyed this delicious treat.

The project was an enormous success, and should be taken to the next level. The company gives special thanks to all those who made it possible, and says that it was a sweet experience for all involved!