Biology Teacher visits West Indies


DCS Biology Teacher, Cian O’ Mahony is currently on a one year career break in the West Indies as a Presentation Volunteer funded by the Irish Governement Irish Aid programme. Cian and his partner Lisa arrived there in August. Second-level educational facilities in the West Indian islands have now reached a high level of excellence. However many young people who do not reach the criteria laid down for entry to this level are left with serious problems. Cian is teaching in the Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education which focuses on the needs of semi-illiterate boys and girls who have a poor self-image and no sense of purpose, usually after leaving school before the age of twelve. Unemployed and marginalized, they are vulnerable to drug abuse, violence and prostitution. The first year of the school’s two year programme is devoted to self-awareness, family education, relationship skills, creativity, attitudes to work, and learning literacy and numeracy skills. The second year is focuses on training the young person in a skill of his or her choice such as carpentry, dressmaking, automechanics or catering.
Speaking from St. Lucia, Cian sends greetings to everyone in DCS. He says that the work is challenging and makes him appreciate all the more what we have in Ireland. In his spare time he does alot of SCUBA diving and hiking in the regions beautiful rainforests but is looking forward to returing to Douglas in September.